Thursday, September 10, 2009


..recently, i just wrote bout my boyZ, ss501..
..cant avoid them from my mind..
..a little bit affected 2 my study..ngee.., im not telling u bout double s but i want 2 share my story..
..not a very big story..
..just bout me n frenz went to shopping raya yesterday..
..very happy bcoz i n anis no need 2 prepare for break fast(btol ke ayat aku nie)..
..we all break our fast at mcd(mcm xde tmpt lain).. last year, this year also i n my bf fighting..
..also my fault..neeee.. no need 2 know detail bout that..
..right after we already getting better, i do shopping..
..i bought a pair of high heel n a new wallet.. very satisfied with my new heel..
..look very elegant..
..really liked it..
..i think, ummi also will be like it..
..bout my new wallet, im not really happy..
..i still consider whether i want to use it for raya or not..
..or i just use double s card holder as my wallet..ngee..
..i will ask my ummi first.. bf also bought 2 items for raya..
..he bought jeans n t-shirt..
..i really liked his t-shirt..
..look clean..neee..
..i loved the design..
..simple but attractive..
..bout his jean, it's a little bit small with him..
..but he still don't want 2 change the size..
..he said, he want 2 diet..ok=>..
..i will wait 4 ur improvement syg..
..aja2 hwaiting..

..i don't want 2 upload the pix of the items..
..i will share with u after i wear it for raya..
..i think i stop here..
..i will update my blog b4 im going back for raya holiday..

to hyun joong oppa,
my dearest boy is diagnose infected to h1n1 virus..
i hope oppa will get speed recovery..
take a good care of yourself, take a good rest, take ur medicine, n sleep well..
saranghe oppa..


  1. la... buat per nyer ctr.. segan jer..
    huhu... =(
    ha?? pasal seluar pun masuk gak ker??
    ni yg sedih dah jadi gemuk nie..
    lemah semangat den..
    xper... buleh punya...
    i'll try babe..


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