Monday, September 28, 2009


..just want to post some pix that i snap during raya day..
..this is video of my dongsaeng playing piano..

Sunday, September 20, 2009


..for the first time, aku on9 kt kampung..
..walaupon agak slow, tp still bley on9..
..semalam sgt penat coz sampai je kg kne berkemas.. granny tdo kt rmh mak long coz kt kg xde org.. rumah my granny agak berhabuk la..
..pkol 4pg jgk la br aku n umi tdo..

..tanpa sedar, kite dh raya pon..
..thn nie aku pose pnuh..huhu
..nasib aku baik..
..seingat aku last aku pose pnuh time muda mudi dlu..
..sgt seronok, xyah aku ganti pose..

..thn nie for the first time kami sefamily smbut raya xckup ahli..
..adk aku, farhan dh mula belayar..
..kesian die, beraya sorang2 kt tgh laut..
..nasib baik die just belayar dlm asia.. td b4 die gerak ke vietnam, die kol aku..
..ucap slamat ari raya n mntk maaf ngan aku..
..sdei nye..

..dh la, nnt aku update lg..
..umi dh memanggil manggil aku kt dapur..
..nnt aku update ngan pix2 pulak..

Thursday, September 17, 2009


..xsangka, kite dah nk sambut syawal..
..hari nie, aku, ima n sha nk blk kuantan..
..xsabarnye nak sampai sana..
..kalau la ade org yg bley bawakan kete aku 2..
..semalam aku dh cek kete aku..
..smua seem ok tp aku ingat nk tambah minyak hitam..
..oo, lupe aircon kete aku mcm xjln je..
..abis gas kot..
..nnt b4 gerak, aku p isi minyak hitam n tambah gas aircon..
..hopefully, perjalanan aku blk kuantan nnt slamat sampai..

..di kesempatan ni, aku nk susun 10 jari kaki tangan memohon maaf atas kesilapan yg aku buat dlm sedar n xsedar..kawan2 smua 0-0 ea..

..Slamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin..

Thursday, September 10, 2009


..recently, i just wrote bout my boyZ, ss501..
..cant avoid them from my mind..
..a little bit affected 2 my study..ngee.., im not telling u bout double s but i want 2 share my story..
..not a very big story..
..just bout me n frenz went to shopping raya yesterday..
..very happy bcoz i n anis no need 2 prepare for break fast(btol ke ayat aku nie)..
..we all break our fast at mcd(mcm xde tmpt lain).. last year, this year also i n my bf fighting..
..also my fault..neeee.. no need 2 know detail bout that..
..right after we already getting better, i do shopping..
..i bought a pair of high heel n a new wallet.. very satisfied with my new heel..
..look very elegant..
..really liked it..
..i think, ummi also will be like it..
..bout my new wallet, im not really happy..
..i still consider whether i want to use it for raya or not..
..or i just use double s card holder as my wallet..ngee..
..i will ask my ummi first.. bf also bought 2 items for raya..
..he bought jeans n t-shirt..
..i really liked his t-shirt..
..look clean..neee..
..i loved the design..
..simple but attractive..
..bout his jean, it's a little bit small with him..
..but he still don't want 2 change the size..
..he said, he want 2 diet..ok=>..
..i will wait 4 ur improvement syg..
..aja2 hwaiting..

..i don't want 2 upload the pix of the items..
..i will share with u after i wear it for raya..
..i think i stop here..
..i will update my blog b4 im going back for raya holiday..

to hyun joong oppa,
my dearest boy is diagnose infected to h1n1 virus..
i hope oppa will get speed recovery..
take a good care of yourself, take a good rest, take ur medicine, n sleep well..
saranghe oppa..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

..n3 Bout My Saengie..

..My Saengie Pix..

Nickname : Otter
Birthday : 1986. 11. 03
Blood type : O
Height : 178cm
Weight : 63kg
Position: is lead high vocal
Talents: dancing, singing, piano
Hobby : Online gaming, Basketball, Listening to music
Specialty : Piano
Animal that you describe yourself as : Bear
Motto : Always smile to live your life
Family members : Father, Mother, Myself
Idol : Seo Tai Ji
Part which you are most satisfied of : Shoulders
Habit that you would like to change : Not able to speak well
Things that you bring in your bag : Wallet, iPod
Thing that you do most seriously : Singing
3 wishes :
1. Hope to earn lots of money
2. SS501 and my name to be known all over the world
3. Be able to think more carefully

Heo Youngsaeng's vocal is the backbone of SS501's songs, impressive in its strength and sweet clarity. Youngsaeng started out as a trainee with SM Entertainment where he was friends with members of many of the label's popular groups. For an unspecified reason he decided to take his chances elsewhere and on the advice of a friend auditioned for DSP and gained admittance to the group. Specifically it is known that he is still good friends with Siwon and Yehsung of Super Junior and Jaejoong and Yunho of DBSK. Youngsaeng has also stated that he admires Lee Minwoo of Shinhwa and hopes to follow in his footsteps. Not long after SS501 had debuted it was announced that Youngsaeng had developed a problem with his vocal chords that required surgery and a period of rest, at the time he had been co-hosting the radio show Youngstreet with fellow member Jungmin so Kyujong took his place.

Youngsaeng is mostly quiet, preferring to let everyone else do the talking. In interviews it is obvious that he suffers from a lack of self confidence stating once that he didn't like his voice and wished it were manlier. Yet he loves to take pictures of himself, perhaps a habit picked up from his SM days. His nickname in the group is “Otter” which was something he didn't like because he didn't know what it was. However once he looked it up he thought otters were cute so he didn't mind being called that anymore. He has been called Dr. Love by the other members because of his impressive knowledge of girls and also Prince by his fans. When Youngsaeng thinks the camera isn't on him he will slack off with his dancing. He can be really cute when he relaxes during performances, giving fans bright smiles and v signs.

..first time, i felt in love with saengie..ngee..

Saturday, September 5, 2009


..MyBoyZ..SS501..jung min, kyu jong, hyun joong, young saeng n hyung joon..
..very long queue....our lucky..can get their album....with triple s..waiting outside the hall..

..cmne nk mula ek..
..i think im going crazee bout the boyz(SS501)..
..can't stop thinking bout them, listen 2 their songs and watch their mv..
..i can smile for the whole day with just thinking bout them especially my saengie..
..last thursday, as u all know i went to the double s fansmeeting at one world hotel..
..actually i don't think that the crowd would be so huge with the short notice bout the event..
..i just know 1 day b4 the event (wednesday morning)..
..i prepared my handmade card for my saengie that night..
..and anis prepared 2 cards, one present for group and one for her jung min-ssi..
..that day, i and my others 2 frenz went there a little bit late(actually sesat)..
..the queue was sooo long..
..but, i still got the cd's(so lucky), there is many other fans cant buy the cd..
..the cd so important bcoz without that we cant met our boyz(it's like pass masuk la).. 6pm our boyz finished their press conference and have 2 continue meeting us..
..once again, me n my frenz are lucky..
..we can met our boyz..half of the fans can't meet them due 2 limited time..
..we were inform that every 1 just get 1 signature from double S.., for sure i picked saengie signature..
..i cant do anything infront of him, just stood still and looked at him..
..what the least i have to shake hand with him..uwaaa..
..need 2 see him again..oppa...!!!
..after the signing event, we were going to pray and break our fasting.. 8pm the door are close bcoz the boyz have to packing their stuff and get ready for their flight back to seoul.. n my frenz were rushing to the airport but we already late..
..can't see them for the last time..
..but, this is very sweet memories to me.., im waiting for their concert..
..i want to go no matter what..
..want to see my saengie again..
..there are some link about SS501..


p/s: sori la my English very2 bad..need to practice..give ur comment bout my eng also ya..

Thursday, September 3, 2009


..KimHyunJoong signature..dh tgl skit je..huhu..

..KimHyungJun signature..Get it from Anis..
..HeoYoungSaeng signature..i took his signature for my album..
..ParkJungMin signature..get from Triple S fren..
..KimKyuJong signature..also get from Triple S fren..
..dpt snap sipi je pix JungMinSsi.. pix ever..i snap it by u YS oppa..
..KimHyunJoong/leader..very small la his pix..

..nk kongsi pic yg aku sempat snap td.. ramai sgt..
..sgt sronok la, xpuas rsnye jumpe that boyZ..
..SS501, i will always love u guys..

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

..SS501 FanMeeting..

..tomorrow i will go for the ss501 fanmeeting at one world hotel.. really excited right now..
..can't believe that i get the chance to see my Young Saeng Oppa tomorrow..
..wait for my update bout them..
..i will post many pics..

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