Friday, November 25, 2011


..addicted to this song this time..

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Where have you been???
That's a question i got from my dearest blog......

It's already past a year since my last post. What i have done in the whole year?? Is it my life was so empty back then that i not share anything in here??

Yes, i think so... There is no single story i manage to share... Nothing special and nothing interesting... argh... My life was not that boring... There are a lot of story, but i not manage to share here.. That's all.. My life was so cheerful with people around me that made my day..

The important things happened in my life in past a year...

1. My along got married last year
Last Dec, my bro got married to his soul mate, nurhapiza.. My sis in law also my roommate at Shah Alam.. She still doing her Degree in MassComm.. She sleep with me most of the time not along.. kui3.. About 2 months from now i will get my first nephew.. Double triple happy.. Hopefully she will deliver a little bit late and not spoil my+her exam paper.. For your information, her due is on the UiTM final exam..

2. My Life without Love
Is been a while since i'm being single again.. About several month ago, i clashed with him.. But we still a good friend.. I still hang out with him along with Nurul n Phyza(my sis in law).. I think this is the best for us and i feel comfortable that way.. How about couple again?? In time being, i don't think i need that.. I need time for myself.. I want to do the things that i'm not manage to do before..

3. People around me..
Ayah - Already resign his current job about 2 month ago.. I hope he manage to find a job that really make him happy to do and not stress about that.. Stress is not good for his health.. Right now, ayah and umi in their honeymoon time.. They look happy everyday doing the home chores together..
Umi - Came back with her hobby..doing her flowering again.. Again, my house become so coloring with her flowers.. And, the things that umi hate the most is everywhere(snake)..
Uda aka Farhan - Nothing much about uda.. He with his study life at ALAM.. End of this year, he will graduate and starting his sea life..
Adik aka Faiq - Now, he's sitting his SPM. Hopefully he can do well.. He really study hard since last year..
Aqila - My only one sister.. She starts her period this year.. She already grown up.. And she already know about who is she.. Ila also sit for her big exam this year which is UPSR and already got her result..

I have a new activity nowadays.. I share it in upcoming post k..

Recently i followed this blog, Mr Ahmad Samion.. Thank you for mentioning me in your blog.. I really appreciate that, thank you so much.. But, i don't think you recognize me.. actually, we are classmate in our primary school at SK Chukai, Kemaman.. Are you really doesn't recognize me..?? We quite close back then with Raja and Aizuddin.. But then i moved to Kuantan and took my secondary school there.. I hope you can recognize me after read this post..

I will blogging again.. Wait for my upcoming post..

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