Monday, February 1, 2010

..NewPlace NewLife..'s been awhile since my last post in this blog..actually i should post up this in January but until now, i still keep holding it..first of all, how you guys?? doing well in your life or not?? hope everything is fine with all of you..i feel so awkward doing this post right long have i been left this blog empty..without any words from me, this blog owner..ya!! what i had done to my dear blog..??? hah, whatever.. i want to tell about my new place..UiTM shah alam..sound familiar right..finally, uitm take me as a student lucky i am..i already studying for 4month in this U..just left about 3weeks to sit for my first exam in u all know, before this i was studying in college..and college not that same with U..i need to do double triple extra effort to make me became best student like when im in college..that's why, my life became sooooo busy lately..but i still cant make it not use with the new life here yet..hopefully next sem i can make it..huh, i need time..

..overall, about life at's fine..but im little bit depressed in studying term n life in here..i not really use to this place yet..every week, i got something to do n it make me feel difficult to go home..i just going back to Kuantan when there is a long holiday..only then i can make it..

..even though im very busy here, i still not abandon my precious oppas..still updating their news..still downloading their videos, pic and others..still crazee with my SS501..huhu..don't wish to abandon them whatever happen..

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