Tuesday, December 29, 2009


..last saturday is my friend's wedding..she's the first who got married in our batch..HamyLiyana that's her name..similar 2 my name, liyana..malas la plak nk use eng..sebelum hamy msk skolah alor akar smua panggil die yana tp lepas masuk smkaa je kwn2 skolah panggil die hamy sebab xnk tertukar ngan nama aku..baguskan kawan2 aku..dieorg nie xnk la aku asyik terperasan je org panggil aku..huhu..skrg die dh kawin..die dh jd PuanLiyana..aku still MissLiyana..that's the different now..

..aku n fiza dtg awal rmh hamy ms kenduri 2 tp xtolong pape pon..duk sembang je..aku lak boleh terlupa bawak present tuk hamy padahal aku dh ready kn, aku sumbang je la..aku duk terconggok kt rumah hamy dr pkol 12 smp pkol 3.30 ptg..penat duk tgu bdk sg ular xsmp2..bile smua dh smp kiteorg pon amik gmbr ramai2..bukan senang nk berkumpul cmnie..nnt bile smua dh kawin n dh keje lg la ssh..ikot suami la..xleh amik cuti la..suami xkc la..macam2..
..right after gerak dr rumah hamy, kiteorg pon bt unexpected gathering kt EastCostMall..xlame pon..just mkn kfc n simple..then dlm pkol 7 aku grk blk ngan fiza..
..actually aku ade kecik ati ngan sorg kawan aku nie..ade ke die blk kuantan xmention lgsung kt aku..aku ingat die anggap aku one of his bestfriend tp sebenarnye x pon..aku je yg anggap die as my bestfriend..tetiba je aku nmpk batang hidung die kt kenduri hamy..dh la x tegur aku langsung..ade ke patut..kecik ati btol..
..pape pon aku happy coz hamy dah pon slamat dirikan rumahtangga..aku harap aku cepat2 la dapat anak sedara ye..tuk hamy, aku doakan ko berbahagia ngan husband ko n cepat2 la dapat baby..

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


..the day after i went to sunway piramid, i went to aquaria klcc with my cayunk, anis n lan..this time we just go by train..i was very excited when we went into the place..but i was double excited when we went in into the round aquarium that we can see all the fishes swimming even on top of us..we went into the aquarium 2 time, i wish i can brought my dongsaeng visit aquaria..they surely love it..

Friday, November 20, 2009


..Last tuesday fai, alia, lida n i went to sunway piramid..our intention 4 going there because of we want to try playing ice skating..this is our first time skating..actually i want to play ice skating past one year and now i can play it..n it really fun game..i love first, im worried i might fall down..but it's sure for new player like us..2 times i fall..i think it is really ok for us to fall i want to share our happy moment in sunway piramid playing ice also a video im playing this game..

Thursday, November 19, 2009


..last week is my final project n my group make a Tennis Ball Launching Apparatus..this whole semester, we use our whole energy to finish this project..finally, we achieve our objective in this final project..all lecturer seem to like our project..and we also scored a good result from the project..right after we finished our final presentation means that we finished our study in diploma..goodbye all my frenz n lecturer..i will miss you all..

Friday, November 13, 2009

..Thesis aka Jalan2..

..last week my frenz n i went back to my hometown, kuantan to do the project thesis..thesis is our main reason y we went to cousin had a photocopy shop at Kemaman, so i will get discount for our thesis..we start our journey on 4/11 after my eng math exam..right after 'maghrib', we already in the car(naik ezora)..first, we stopped at 'pasar mlm kolej' to buy our meal, then we stopped at fairul's house to take our n my fren requested to his mom to make us a chocolate cake..but after we reach 'hentian temerloh' then we ate that cake because his mom not yet cut the cake..due to everyone didnt want to dirty their hands, we just take a smell of that cake..about 12.30am we reached my ummi already in kitchen cooking 'behon putih' for us..then, we do makan2 la at midnight..lida the one who's on diet had to forget about her diet for second..after that we not sleep right away, we done our thesis for a little bit but we end up sleep everywhere at hall house..

..5/11 morning, all my frenz doesnt want to wake up, but we have to wake up and go to my cousin shop..we arrived at kemaman about 11am..very2 cousin need to sacrifice her holiday for us..there were many problems while printing the thesis..we tell ummi that we just take 2,3 hours but then we 'berumah tangga' at the shop until night..ummi came over and bring us so many foods that she cooked for lunch..after all finished, we went back..that night, we just sleeping like babies..

..the next day, we planned to 'jalan2' but then it's raining all day we cant go anywhere..that morning, my cousin came over to my house with their many kids in my house..right after my sister came back from school, she n the kids going in to the pool..actually it's not really a pool, that's like an aquarium..but my father's didn't put the fish in it yet, so it become my nephew pool for and frenz just do chit chat n 'mkn2' that day..there is one time that i need to buy something that my ummi i need to go to the shop..because of my house is quit far from shop, so i need to go by car..then i asked fai and alia to join me..because of there are many kids in my house, they all also want to join me..then i brought them along..i still remember alia's face when all that kids 'buat perangai' out of control..alia's face turn red bcoz of angry..that kids fighting and crying in the car..can't control them..hahaha..pity of alia..huhu..

..finish about that all kids..after 2days raining, then came the day that cloud very bright..after we took our breakfast, we went to town..but, we not have so much time to explore the whole kuantan town..firstly, we followed my father to 'Kuantan Port'..all my frenz got the chance see my dad done his work..we saw him from 'tug boat'..alia n lida was so scared when we want to go to the boat from jeti..we need to stepped at tire that compile along the boat to get into the the boat we took the picture, tried how to control the boat and also saw the boat many experienced we get from that..we also saw my dad drove the big ship to the port..then we went to 'port tower'..after that, we followed my dad to 'kenduri kawin'..did u know what outfit that we use..just t-shirt and jeans(merosak kn majlis) funny that time..after that, then we went to town..just go to the 'east cost mall' the window shopping..and also bought some present for my cousin coz she sacrifice her time to do my thesis..thank you, Sila..

..the last day my fren n i in kuantan..about 11am, we went to kemaman to take our thesis..then, we stop at the 'pantai mok nik' to see the scenery there..there are not many people there although the beach is so clean and beautiful..then i realize that we cant swim at that beach..after that we stop at the 'keropok stalls' fren take this opportunity to buy for their family and for themselves..then i took them to the ummi favorite 'keropok lekor stall'..i bought 'satar' because satar there is little bit spicy and delicious than other stall..after bought all the foods, we continue to 'pantai cherating'..we just took picture there..after we finished our photo session, then we went back to my house..we reach home about 3pm..take our lunch and solat..after asar, we all have to going back to college..after packing2 and salam2 we start our journey..but, not really start..we heading to the 'pantai Teluk Chempedak'..this is our final destination at kuantan..after 2hours doing photo session, jalan2 n bought souvenir at TC then we start our journey..we reach to college about 12.30am..then, all sleep..END..

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