Tuesday, March 30, 2010

..MyDearFriend.. best friend already early 4 him i think..he's not even understand what is relationship commitment all about..tup2, i got a news about his engagement..can't believe it at first until i ask him personally..and his answer surprising me..he really2 engage..and i know that he already matured enough.. first i really can't forgive him because he don't tell me he going to engage..i knew it from one of our schoolmate..he told me about that time i really2 angry with him..why don't he tell me..why must i knew it from other person..he say that i am his bestfriend..but he simply ignore is too much.. always, im very easy in forgiving other person..last 2 days he call me and explaining to me why he done that things..ok, accepted..but azhari, listen not accept 4 the second time k..make sure you invite me personally to your wedding..n i make sure you will get chocolate and prune cakes for your wedding..i make it by myself..that's my promise..

..huh, now he is going to leave me for makes me sad..whatever it is, me as his best friend will pray for his happiness..

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