Saturday, September 5, 2009


..MyBoyZ..SS501..jung min, kyu jong, hyun joong, young saeng n hyung joon..
..very long queue....our lucky..can get their album....with triple s..waiting outside the hall..

..cmne nk mula ek..
..i think im going crazee bout the boyz(SS501)..
..can't stop thinking bout them, listen 2 their songs and watch their mv..
..i can smile for the whole day with just thinking bout them especially my saengie..
..last thursday, as u all know i went to the double s fansmeeting at one world hotel..
..actually i don't think that the crowd would be so huge with the short notice bout the event..
..i just know 1 day b4 the event (wednesday morning)..
..i prepared my handmade card for my saengie that night..
..and anis prepared 2 cards, one present for group and one for her jung min-ssi..
..that day, i and my others 2 frenz went there a little bit late(actually sesat)..
..the queue was sooo long..
..but, i still got the cd's(so lucky), there is many other fans cant buy the cd..
..the cd so important bcoz without that we cant met our boyz(it's like pass masuk la).. 6pm our boyz finished their press conference and have 2 continue meeting us..
..once again, me n my frenz are lucky..
..we can met our boyz..half of the fans can't meet them due 2 limited time..
..we were inform that every 1 just get 1 signature from double S.., for sure i picked saengie signature..
..i cant do anything infront of him, just stood still and looked at him..
..what the least i have to shake hand with him..uwaaa..
..need 2 see him again..oppa...!!!
..after the signing event, we were going to pray and break our fasting.. 8pm the door are close bcoz the boyz have to packing their stuff and get ready for their flight back to seoul.. n my frenz were rushing to the airport but we already late..
..can't see them for the last time..
..but, this is very sweet memories to me.., im waiting for their concert..
..i want to go no matter what..
..want to see my saengie again..
..there are some link about SS501..


p/s: sori la my English very2 bad..need to practice..give ur comment bout my eng also ya..

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